Is your website up to date?

Do you have fresh content?

Is the schedule of new posts, features and releases ready to roll?

Is your website doing what you need it to do for your business?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, it may be time to take a moment to consider where you are at.

My name is Rebecca.

Helping businesses get projects into gear is my specialty.

Getting something in writing is imperative to executing business deals. It is also true about putting the message out there. A sales team can attend every event, function and trade show there is but if the written materials are out of date or not motivating moving the conversation forward is going to be tough.

Establishing a consistent message in your brand voice across multiple channels is a much better tactic. Allowing prospects to get the information they require so they are prepared for follow up conversations is key.

Knowing a prospect will likely look at reviews, competitors, your catalogue and social channels to do their due diligence means there are SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to make an impact.

Change the conversation from “Send me some more information” to “Is your new system easy to install?” gets you to the finish line that much faster.

Working in the motorsports world for much of the last decade I have had first hand experience writing and reading press releases, information sheets, marketing materials, promotional campaigns, websites, newsletters, speeches and more.

Additionally I participate in the Yorkville Exotic Car Show as their Sponsorship Director. We have done some great work over the past couple of years and look forward to continuing to offer an amazing event.

Interested in a sneak peak? Right this way to my showroom of published content.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here are a few testimonials:

Working with Rebecca was a wonderful experience. She took the initiative to do her own research, and offer a fresh perspective on how we could achieve our goals. She has a knack for capturing not just what you want, but what you actually NEED to present your vision.” – Tara Witt – Operating Partner – Tarrison Ltd.

Rebecca is a motivated, passionate, and driven Director of Sponsorships for the Yorkville Exotic Car Show. Her determination to complete tasks, streamline processes, and infectious personality has made her a key member of the team and earned her the respect of the crew. Rebecca worked hard to recruit and build a sponsorship team, creating and executing plans, and providing executive-level guidance. Her efforts led to a record sponsorship amount raised of $95K for Prostate Cancer Canada for 2019 event. As a team member or a leader, Rebecca earns my highest recommendation.” – David Elsner – President – DHE Consulting

Rebecca is definitely a talented copywriter. However her talents go well beyond copy writing. Rebecca has a real flair for creative and effective marketing using Social Media and Offline Marketing. I don’t hesitate to recommend Rebecca.” – Ross Morrison – Management Consultant