Write it down

Getting something in writing is imperative to executing business. It is also true about putting the message out there. A sales team can attend every event, function and trade show there is. They must communicate verbally, follow up with email and provide materials for further consideration. Prospects are going to do their due diligence and that will include looking your company product, service and people online. They will go through your website, landing page, newsletter, case study, LinkedIn profiles and pages and more.

These are all touch points your potential clients and customers have with you.

Consistent branding and messaging are proof of your message. It is your first line of customer service. Being in the right place at the right time applies just as much to marketing materials. You would expect your staff to be in professional attire or uniform, your prospects are expecting the same from your content and marketing.

There is so much at stake

If the information is disorganized, hard to understand, does not have a natural progression towards the next steps in your sales process even if you have the better offering you may be overlooked. Or worse…

Your team may spend hours with unqualified prospects.

Hundreds of dollars can be spent on sending marketing materials and going to and from meetings.

Qualified prospects may not be getting the attention they deserve.

The big question

Is your message communicated clearly? Is it easy to understand? Does it build trust?

Establishing a consistent message in your brand voice across multiple channels is not a copy and paste exercise. Websites, social posts, blogs, newsletters, landing pages have different nuances in the way they should be written.

When it comes to content, the ultimate question is:

Does it allow prospects to get the information they require so they are prepared with the right information to move forward and make a decision?

Knowing a prospect will look at reviews, competitors, your catalogue and social channels means there are SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES to make an impact.

“Is your new system easy to install?” is much closer to a close than “Send me some more information”.

Branding is the promise behind the product

Let’s get it right.