Tartan Terrors Christmas

The Burlington based Tartan Terrors will be returning to the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts on December 7th, 2018.

The Tartan Terrors bring a unique flair to celtic music. Rhythmic drums, highland dance, story telling and comedy are all part of this experience. More like an event than a concert! Packing the house, the Terrors are sure to get you smiling, clapping and even singing along!

The Terrors have had quite a journey in 2018. The year kicked off when a video, taken by Ian while on stage, went viral on Facebook.  Check out the video!

While in the midst of summer concert and festival season Ellen Wilkes Irmisch, one of the founders of the Tartan Terrors was struck with a cancer diagnosis. She has bravely battled it with many treatments and set backs. Always with a smile and positive attitude she has overcome many hurdles and looks forward to returning to the stage. Ellen has recently been featured on the Princess Margaret Lottery Campaign.

Watch Ellen’s Story

Grab some friends and family and get into the spirit of the holiday! You’ve never seen tartan like this!

Grab your seats!

Friday December 7th


Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts – 130 Navy Street, Oakville, ON – 905-805-2021





Get the Most out of Meetings

6 Tips on Improving Your Meeting Experiences

We are all subject to meetings throughout life, work, community, committee even family. Meetings can be a source of dread if you don’t feel comfortable speaking up. Here are some tips on how to get the most of your meetings.

1. Be Prepared – If the outline of the objective of the meeting is not clear, ask in advance. Determine what the goals are, what needs to be discussed and what needs to be decided upon.  Getting this information in advance will allow you time to do research, collect materials and meditate on what your thoughts and positions are on the tasks at hand. This will give you more confidence in speaking up and contributing your (valuable) insights and ideas.

2. Pick a Partner – Look at the list of attendees, and casually chat with one or two about the upcoming meeting. If you have ideas you are interested in floating, their feedback will be helpful. When you go to speak, you can always invite them to join the conversation by starting with “Carol and I had a quick chat, and thought that…..”. It’s a great way to get people more engaged in the meeting and therefore be more productive.

3. Throw your hat in the ring!  – Don’t get  benched by your own fears or insecurities. Having done steps 1 and 2 you know you have something to contribute. Even if it is to ask for more clarity or question the objective. You may be raising good points that hadn’t been considered, or will learn why the goals and processes are what they are. Either way it is a win-win, and you will raising the knowledge base of everyone else who may not have really known either.

4. Follow Up – If you have been assigned a task that is dependent on someone else completing something or providing some information don’t necessarily wait until you hear from them. Everyone is busy and being pulled in lots of directions. A friendly note or phone call will help you determine when you will receive what you need to accomplish your contributions. This is really important. By doing so you create a reputation for being diligent and an active participant. People will be looking to you for future projects opening up more opportunities!

5. Meet Deadlines – This should be a no-brainer, but it is easy to get caught up in perfectionism to the point of missing a deadline. This can mean the project, opportunity or task is no longer relevant or required. You will have wasted your time and lose credibility. If you do miss a deadline, own up to it immediately with an apology and offer ways to rectify the situation. If you suspect you will miss one let the team know and ask for assistance.

6. Listen – Listen closely to what people are saying. Learn about what they are working on, what interests them or what their special skills and abilities are. You will know who to reach out to when you need to build a team for your own projects!

Following these strategies in your approach to meetings will ensure you are using time effectively, a valued member of the team and lead to more inspiring projects and relationships.