projects include but not limited to

BRANDING – Brand story, brand voice, hashtags and handles

WEB & SOCIAL  – Website content, blogs, emails, newsletters, social posts

B2B – Letters, communications, training manuals, video scripts

B2C – Press Releases, Promotional Materials

Marketing Coaching:

Website Review – My team has a great REFRESH PROMOTION

Marketing Strategy – Launching a new product, repositioning the business in the marketplace, adding services? Offline and online create a consistency to your branding and marketing elements.

  • Develop a plan
  • Create a timeline
  • Define actionables
  • Organize assets and resources required
  • Execute
  • Monitor and measure

Social Editorial Calendar – Get more traction from your social posting with a schedule of upcoming events, holidays and promotions.

  • Identify key channels
  • Create consistent messaging and profile copy
  • Build a database of upcoming posts covering news, announcements etc.
  • Schedule

Frustrated of marketing plans that haven’t worked?

Find the need to keep up with digital marketing overwhelming?

Keep posting, but not getting much traction?

Take your messaging to the next level.

Still not sure where to begin? Ask yourself these questions or say Hi and let me know what you need some help with. I would be happy to send you some samples and provide a proposal.