Here are some packages to help you get organized and ahead of the game:

1) Monthly Messaging

Get ahead of your online messaging with this package of posts ready to go!

– 4 blog posts (@600 words)

– 6 social posts (Customized for each platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN)

– 1 Newsletter

2) Website Refresh

If you have a new site, wish to update information, add new information or reorganize existing information then the website refresh is for you.

– 4-6 Pages of updated website copy (up to 2000 words per page)

Combine the Website Refresh with Monthly Messaging and focused on working on your business knowing everything is up to date!

A la carte services:

BRANDING – Defining a brand voice provides the foundation from which all communications materials  are focused. Build trust through consistent messaging, content and brand story.

WEB SERVICES – Keep consistent with up-to-date website content and communications with your audience through blogs, emails, newsletters and social posts.

SOCIAL CALENDAR – Get more traction from your social posting with a schedule of upcoming events, holidays and promotions.

  • Identify key channels
  • Create consistent messaging and profile copy
  • Build a database of upcoming posts covering news, announcements etc.
  • Schedule

Take your messaging to the next level.

Still not sure where to begin? Send me a note and we can chat about your challenge or idea. I would be happy to send you some samples and provide a proposal.